Setbacks, Scams, and Reviews

Users of the Triad Technique have raved over their results. One Triad Technique user named Josee Marie wrote to Calm Clinic saying “I’ve only watched the first 3 sessions, but the progresses I’ve made are quite astounding…I cannot believe the amount of de-cluttering I have been doing in my life.”

It should be noted that every single treatment for anxiety is going to have setbacks. It’s natural. In fact, one of the reasons that setbacks can occur is because while you’re receiving the treatment you need it’s not uncommon to be surprised when you experience anxiety again for any reason.

One of the greatest issues with overcoming anxiety is fear that your anxiety is going to come back. If you experience anxiety for any reason – even a good reason, like an important meeting with a boss – the feeling may send you into a wave of fear over your anxiety returning.

Heather Hall from Chicago writes: “The Triad Technique has been really excellent for me thus far, and I consider myself pretty unique in my suffering.” There’s no denying the Triad Technique works, but the tendency to fall back into your old habits is a strong one. Even the most well researched treatments in the world carry this risk, since for many people anxiety becomes too natural.

Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Anxiety Treatment

Before continuing with the Triad Treatment review, it’s important to note what you need to make sure any technique you choose to address your anxiety continues to be effective for you, long after your anxiety has been treated. Remember, you need to be committed to your treatment, understand that it does take a long time to permanently keep your anxiety at bay, and be prepared for setbacks along the way.

While there are anxiety cures, every cure comes with the risk of recurrence. Those that have truly been treated and are prepared for this occurrence can fight it away so that it doesn’t have a lasting impact on their lives. Those that are not are the ones that continue to struggle. So keep the following in mind when it comes to avoiding setbacks:

  • Have a Disaster Plan – Have some plan in place, whether it’s a cheat sheet or a note , that you keep with you in the event you start to struggle with anxiety or panic attacks again. This note should be your go-to paper if you ever feel like your anxiety is coming back, with strategies and reminders for yourself that can make sure that you don’t let the anxiety start to overwhelm you again.
  • Continue Anxiety Tips After Anxiety is Gone – Many of the tips for anxiety provided by the Calm Clinic Triad Technique can be continued even after your anxiety is gone. Several of the strategies are related to lifestyle changes that, when initiated, will calm your mind and body and assist you in avoiding anxiety. Make sure you’re continuing to do them even after your anxiety is “cured,” since if you get back into your old habits you’ll find that your anxiety could pop up more often.
  • Have Someone You Trust – Find that special friend or family member that you can call any time you feel your anxiety or panic attacks starting to creep up on you. Give them strategies that they can use to help you if you call them up because you’re experiencing more anxiety, and make sure that you are okay sharing everything with them. The more you can open up if your anxiety comes back, the better you’ll do.
  • Never Give Up – Don’t be a passive anxiety sufferer. If anything happens and your anxiety comes back, motivate yourself to start addressing it immediately. Waiting too long is what causes anxiety to come back again. Remember – anxiety is considered an incredibly treatable condition, and any thoughts you have that you can’t treat it are caused by your anxiety. Keep that in mind at all times, so that you never lose hope.

Any technique you try, even if it works, is going to have times where it feels like it won’t. Utilizing the above strategies is going to be an important part of maintaining good mental health.