“Don’t wait to start healing”

“As someone who has suffered from chronic anxiety, depression, and OCD for the past 10 years, all I can say is that Rachel Ramos’ course has changed my life. I have seen multiple psychologists, psychiatrists, and other doctors (and taken different medications), and nothing has had the profound effect of this Triad Technique course.

I have also shared this course with friends who have similar sufferings and just watching certain video lessons to them has profoundly changed their lives. With a one-time psychiatry session costing $175 an hour, and medication and what not over time costing thousands you deserve to spend under few bucks for this.

To be honest I would trade in all the other support vehicles (doctors, therapists, medication) I’ve dealt with the past 10 years for this course. It’s that profound, and entirely on the mark. I can’t say enough good things about it. Don’t wait to start healing.

By the way I bought tons of books and courses on anxiety and panic and this is the first one I’ve done a review for — I think it’s so important to share this course.”

– Joe Smith (name not real for privacy)

“has been really excellent for me”

“I was the obstacle. In a way, my identity was anxiety.

What would a harmonious me look like? Was I ready to give up my barely successful routines on the advice of a voice coming from my computer?

I was also afraid it wouldn’t work and I would be right back to where I was. I was afraid I would just get information about how the brain is so complicated, or techniques for breathing. Both of these suggestions are equally unhelpful, and I was sick of hearing them.

To fellow panic attackers, having an action plan is always relieving.

The Triad Technique has been really excellent for me thus far, and I consider myself pretty unique in my suffering. Panic is something that is really treatable, so it is your responsibility to start living a happy life.

The first week is free, and if you find it not helpful, then throw it out. But if it resonates with you, explore it further.”

– Heather Hall; Chicago, IL

“I am a better person that has stopped looking for the bad in myself”

“The main strategy that I have implemented is sitting down and taking a good look at myself.

After I completed week 1 of the program, I realized what a negative person I had let myself become. Through the Triad Technique, I was able to organize all of the negativity in my life, in other words, put it all out there so I could really see how much garbage was in my day to day thinking process.

Boy was it a lot.

I had stopped looking for the good in life and only focused on the negative. I took a long hard look at myself and realized my anxiety problem was caused by the negative baggage I was caring around. I forgave people, and started looking for the good in them, I became more thankful for my blessing, which are many.

If I get nothing else out of this program, the one thing that has made this worthwhile is that I am a better person that has stopped looking for the bad in myself and others and have started looking only for the good.”

– Tonya Kilgore; Danville, AL

“the only secular course on the subject that offered practical, clear information that really helped”

“My wife has been suffering for months with debilitating anxiety. In addition to medication and therapy, we have read and took about 6 (layman) books and courses on the subject.

Then I found Triad Technique.

And I find it to be the only secular course on the subject that offered practical, clear information that really helped. Save your money and try this course first. It is very comprehensive, well organized, and easy to understand.”

– Larry M. Leclair; Omaha, NE

“I am making progress in the right direction”

“I am only on module 2 of the program, so unfortunately, it is too early for me to say whether or not the program has accomplished its ultimate promise, but I will tell you this – for the first time since my anxiety began (3 years ago) I feel connected to something. I feel like I am understood, YES!, I’m not the only one going through this.

The point that really resonated with me was in module 2 when Rachel states “But my problem is not anxiety and panic. Its those darn physical symptoms.” This is EXACTLY how I felt. I thought no way could anxiety be causing all of these incapacitating physical symptoms. It’s very comforting to hear my exact thoughts stated by someone else.

So far, I have only done the fast start exercises. While I’m still struggling with my symptoms – I’m only halfway through – it felt good to get my thoughts and feelings down on paper. I have closed some open doors and it feels good to get unfinished business off of my mind.

I have been tying to live by the motto “just let it go”. While I tend to hold on to things and let them eat away at me, I am making more of a conscious effort to just let it go. If I can’t change it or if it doesn’t really matter in the long run, what is the sense in worrying about it?

I actually look forward to listening to Rachel and hearing what she has to say in her next video. While I still have a ways to go, I feel as though I am making progress in the right direction, and I am hopeful for a full recovery.

I would say JUST TRY IT. At the very least, you will feel like you are connected to someone. If it works for you, that is just a MAJOR bonus. What do you have to lose, besides feeling miserable?”

– Lindsay Boyers; Shrewsbury, Massachusetts