“Kind of like Christmas morning for my mind!”

“Doing yet another search for answers on-line, I found the ad for Calm Clinic. It sounded too good to be true, but the ‘free trial’ offer appealed to me. I figured it would give me a chance to see if it was just another psycho-babble, I’m OK, You’re OK program.

I also decided that, if it looked good, the price was a great deal. I’ve spent a lot more than that on counseling, medication, self-help books. I have to admit though, being on a limited income, if the price had been a lot more, I might have declined and told myself it would probably be a failure like so many other things I had tried.

Also, if it had required me to attend any seminars, classes etc. I wouldn’t have done it. It would have been just one more thing to put me in a stressful situation.

I have only gone as far as Module 2 so far, but I am so impressed. For the first time, I feel there is hope that I can, as the Army says, “Be all that I can be.”

I have filled page after page with notes and have already gained insights I didn’t know were there, as I do the exercises. I make a little sketch of a light bulb next to those sentences!

I want to, and have done so, tell so many people I know about the techniques and “Ah Hah!” moments.

The anchor technique I am using now, is to change my focus when I start thinking that I can\’t do something because I ‘might’ have an episode.

I now focus on why I want to do this activity and how I can do it even if I do have an episode. How the real benefits will far outweigh imaginary fears. I am so excited about continuing with my studies and seeing what’s around the next corner.

Kind of like Christmas morning for my mind!

I can’t imagine any reason for anyone to not try this program. Even if you think you’ve learned to live with your symptoms, so why try something that might not work, you cannot help but be improved and enlightened by this approach.

And guess what, it will make a difference. The change this will create in your attitude, perception and hope, cannot help but improve all areas of your life. It’s rather like getting a vaccine (without the discomfort!)… You don’t have to understand exactly how it works. You just have to know, from the experience of others, that it does!”

– Antoinette Berthelotte; Mountain Center, CA