“I’m finally able to start talking to people”

“When I see myself thinking negatively, I now try to counteract it with a positive statement. I practice by saying positive things when I’m feeling good, even writing positive things down to remind myself.

I keep reviewing some of the videos, to keep what I learned fresh in my head. I try to remind myself daily that things are only what I make of them, and that I control how I feel about a situation and that no one else caused me to feel how I feel.

So far, I’m finally able to start talking to people more and being along in public more often.

I would say that the Triad Technique changed my life, and that they need to find a way to be in control of their feelings by finding out how their mind works. We don’t have to be victims; if we fight to achieve positivity in our lives, we can overcome it.”

– Samantha Hegykozi; Bellingham, WA