It was my last hope

“I hit rock bottom I honestly had no other solution besides Triad. It was my last hope.

I jumped in head first. Taking tons of notes and found myself nodding and crying while listening to Rachel describe anxiety.

Feeling less crazy as the minutes passed by.

I called my mom and would tell my husband about the days lesson and what I learned. I had my lists of things I want to let go of and or deal with and I was trying to take in all this amazing information at once.

Everyday a lightbulb will go off. Sometimes not while taking notes sometimes it wouldn’t hit me until later that night.

Towards the end of my free trial I was slowly feeling really good. Still a little anxious but it was reduced drastically in just the first two lessons.

I actually see a post on Facebook from my dad’s wife saying that dad is in the hospital. My dad and my childhood do have a lot to do with my anxiety and here I am just now exploring it all. Trying to make sense of it all. Trying to “let go” which of course isn’t as easy as it sounds. So when I am a little unsure what to do. I respond to her something nice. She responds with a comment that hurts me. Usually I would keep quiet not make a fuss and beat myself up all night over the ordeal.

But not this time.

I had all these tools and information and I was feeling so great I refused to take 3 steps back. So I stop.. and take a look at the whole situation and I mustered up enough courage to write to her telling her my thoughts and feelings thinking maybe she wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt me and sure enough she wrote me back apologizing and we worked out a 11yr old feud we had going all because of the triad tools I had.

I stopped, looked at the bigger picture “from 40ft above” and I DEALT with something in the moment!

I knew I had the choice to deal or let go and since I was unsure if I could truely let it go I dealt with it. After only a few days my mom and husband have commented on how amazing my transformation has really been. The way I deal with things are so much more different and I’m slowly finding my own self worth.

I have already been spreading the news.

I feel like I have the secret and it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I tell others I know with anxiety that Triad has seriously saved me. I have a long ways to go but I see a light. It’s not easy and requires some work but you are SO worth it.

End the war in your brain. You don’t have to fight with yourself to finally feel “normal” again. You can really just start over and learn to love who you are and you have the CHOICE to be who you want to be. It’s never too late.

Just try the free trial and see what happens.”

– April Taylor, Guyton, GA