“has been really excellent for me”

“I was the obstacle. In a way, my identity was anxiety.

What would a harmonious me look like? Was I ready to give up my barely successful routines on the advice of a voice coming from my computer?

I was also afraid it wouldn’t work and I would be right back to where I was. I was afraid I would just get information about how the brain is so complicated, or techniques for breathing. Both of these suggestions are equally unhelpful, and I was sick of hearing them.

To fellow panic attackers, having an action plan is always relieving.

The Triad Technique has been really excellent for me thus far, and I consider myself pretty unique in my suffering. Panic is something that is really treatable, so it is your responsibility to start living a happy life.

The first week is free, and if you find it not helpful, then throw it out. But if it resonates with you, explore it further.”

– Heather Hall; Chicago, IL