“Every day is getting easier now”

“When I found the Triad Technique, I admit, I was skeptical. I thought about just going to see a doctor and letting them assign me some pills or paying for some kind of therapy I couldn’t afford. I was even thinking about not doing anything at all, the idea of having some kind of anxiety and panic disorder frightened me. Honestly, it was Rachel’s voice that made me deicide to do the free trial. I found her voice to be very calming ha ha. It was the first fast session that really decided it for me though. Everything was so simple and after completing fast session one, I found that the panic I had been feeling went away. The anxiety was still there, but it was better.

Every time I start to feel anxious or I feel the beginnings of a panic attack I do the exercises from the fast sessions. I turn my worries into questions, how will I do this, how can I accomplish that. I remind myself of what I believe and tell myself I’m strong to of even made it this far. Everything I’ve learned so far is used on a daily basis. And trust me, that’s quite often!

It works. If you DO the fast sessions and you listen to what Rachel is saying, it works. And it works fast. I’m not saying my anxiety and panic was eliminated over night, but I was brought out of my panic attack because of it. If you want fast results and good results, then I think the Triad Technique is what you should do. It’s fast, affordable and it works. Every day is getting easier now and it’s not just me that’s grateful. I can give my daughter the full attention she needs now and it’s the greatest feeling in the world, to know you can overcome something that has such a large hold on you. That’s what the Triad Technique gives you.”

– Rachel Duff; Cowansville, Quebec, Canada