Calm Clinic Complaints

There’s a skepticism around anxiety treatments and knowledge that is extremely healthy. It’s good to be cautious, because your anxiety is not something that should be left to chance.

But in some cases that fear may be a symptom of your anxiety, not actually based on the evidence in front of you.

Anxiety and the Doctor

An example of this occurs when those with health anxiety visit the doctor. Anxiety has many physical symptoms – symptoms that are nearly identical to very severe anxiety problems, such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Brain Tumors

There are those that have experience both conditions that confirm that anxiety can cause extremely similar symptoms – so similar that you need to visit the doctor to rule them out.

Doctors are imperfect, but they’re rarely completely wrong. Yet when someone with health anxiety visits a doctor, they often find that they don’t trust the answer – they find that over time as their symptoms continue, they start to believe that the doctor must have missed something. They become too skeptical, and that’s their anxiety taking over.

What This Has to Do With Calm Clinic Complaints

Recently there have been a lot of complaints about Calm Clinic. But none of those complaints are about the content of their website or of the Triad Technique. On twitter, Calm Clinic is one of the most shared websites, with most people raving over the help they get from the site’s thousands of pages.

No, the complaints aren’t about the help. The complaints are primarily about the style of marketing that they use. The complaints are based on the idea that because Calm Clinic is successful, it must inherently be a scam.

The Techniques Work

Those complaints are unfounded and irrelevant. Calm Clinic is successful because it’s helpful. People like the website and share it with others because they feel genuinely helped.

Similarly, your goal is to reduce your anxiety, not care about the marketing that’s use. The question isn’t whether or not they’re well known – the question is whether or not the Triad Technique actually works. As you can see from this website, there are numerous positive reviews over the strategies outlined in the Calm Clinic site.

Will the Techniques work for everyone? Almost certainly no. There is no such things as a perfect anxiety treatment, and every individual’s differences, motivations, lifestyles, and more, all contribute to the effectiveness of any given strategy. Even cognitive behavioral therapy – the most well research anxiety treatment on the market today – isn’t 100% effective. There is simply no such thing.

But the Techniques are worth trying. Most people that use the technique report results in just a few weeks, and the goal of the technique isn’t just to cure your anxiety immediately – it’s also to give you strategies to help you keep it from coming back. There is a free trial, and the overall cost of the program is less expensive than numerous alternative options.

Skepticism is healthy, and you may find that the Technique isn’t right for you. Don’t simply try any strategy because it comes well regarded, especially if you don’t feel passionate about the program. But make sure your anxiety isn’t what’s fueling that skepticism.

Just like with anxiety, far too often you’ll find that you’re overthinking things.