I’m so glad I found you and the “Calm Clinic”

“I wish I would have found your series of videos before I surrendered to taking medication. I know I could have found my way through the anxiety with your help.

I am currently getting off of Xanax, which I’ve taken now for about 4 months. I hate it, the drugs just create more anxiety along with other problems. I purchased your series of videos and have gone through the 5 fast start videos and 3 of the weekly modules so far. I stepped away for a week or two because I didn’t think I would get what I needed from the videos while still taking the meds. Don’t know if this is true or not, but I plan to get back to it this week.

I’m so glad I found you and the “Calm Clinic”. It’s been better than anything thing I’ve read or any doctors I’ve talked with. I feel totally in sync with everything your saying. Thanks! I look forward to more videos.”

(name withheld)

“I’m finally able to start talking to people”

“When I see myself thinking negatively, I now try to counteract it with a positive statement. I practice by saying positive things when I’m feeling good, even writing positive things down to remind myself.

I keep reviewing some of the videos, to keep what I learned fresh in my head. I try to remind myself daily that things are only what I make of them, and that I control how I feel about a situation and that no one else caused me to feel how I feel.

So far, I’m finally able to start talking to people more and being along in public more often.

I would say that the Triad Technique changed my life, and that they need to find a way to be in control of their feelings by finding out how their mind works. We don’t have to be victims; if we fight to achieve positivity in our lives, we can overcome it.”

– Samantha Hegykozi; Bellingham, WA

“Every day is getting easier now”

“When I found the Triad Technique, I admit, I was skeptical. I thought about just going to see a doctor and letting them assign me some pills or paying for some kind of therapy I couldn’t afford. I was even thinking about not doing anything at all, the idea of having some kind of anxiety and panic disorder frightened me. Honestly, it was Rachel’s voice that made me deicide to do the free trial. I found her voice to be very calming ha ha. It was the first fast session that really decided it for me though. Everything was so simple and after completing fast session one, I found that the panic I had been feeling went away. The anxiety was still there, but it was better.

Every time I start to feel anxious or I feel the beginnings of a panic attack I do the exercises from the fast sessions. I turn my worries into questions, how will I do this, how can I accomplish that. I remind myself of what I believe and tell myself I’m strong to of even made it this far. Everything I’ve learned so far is used on a daily basis. And trust me, that’s quite often!

It works. If you DO the fast sessions and you listen to what Rachel is saying, it works. And it works fast. I’m not saying my anxiety and panic was eliminated over night, but I was brought out of my panic attack because of it. If you want fast results and good results, then I think the Triad Technique is what you should do. It’s fast, affordable and it works. Every day is getting easier now and it’s not just me that’s grateful. I can give my daughter the full attention she needs now and it’s the greatest feeling in the world, to know you can overcome something that has such a large hold on you. That’s what the Triad Technique gives you.”

– Rachel Duff; Cowansville, Quebec, Canada

“I can’t highly recommend it enough!”

“I’ve been diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder, and had a bout of depression last year. A very good therapist recommended Rachel Ramos’ course to me. In fact, she said that I HAD TO buy it. I did, and learned a lot about various types and triggers for anxiety.

The more I learn about it, the easier for me to deal with it. It became a familiar, known side of me, and when I can separate the rest of me from it and look at it, and study it, it becomes less and less relevant. Which is what we all want, right?

And, it helped me understand other types of psychological issues. I don’t suffer from all of those, thankfully, but it is sure interesting to learn how those work. Anyway, I can’t highly recommend it enough for anyone who’s suffering from panic or anxiety. Enjoy!”

– Elizabeth W. Lake; West Allis, WI

“You have been a life saver with your program!”

“Dear Rachel,

I am sooo over the moon :-)

I’ve only watched the first 3 sessions, but the progresses I’ve made are quite astounding…I cannot believe the amount of de-cluttering I have been doing in my life. Well I started it with re-organizing my Computer because everything was …well everywhere! And just by doing this task, I kind of lifted a dark cloud in my mind.

But actually the answer is very simple. I simply listen and follow the advices given in the 1st session particularly: FOCUS YOUR MIND ON THE THINGS YOU WANT TO HAPPEN! Priceless advice!

I am so very grateful that I have found you. In only 5 days, listening and following the advices given, I feel that MY OLD LIFE is back but with so much more awareness.

I have to say that having these anxiety/panic attacks have taught so much about myself, they have taught me to be more selective, and to keep seeking for solutions until they resonate with me and help me to solve whatever problem I’m faced with.

So yes these panic attacks/anxiety were/are blessings in disguise.

Thanks for helping me Rachel. You have been a life saver with your program. Keep up the good work.

Many blessings to you and your family.”

– Josee Marie

It was my last hope

“I hit rock bottom I honestly had no other solution besides Triad. It was my last hope.

I jumped in head first. Taking tons of notes and found myself nodding and crying while listening to Rachel describe anxiety.

Feeling less crazy as the minutes passed by.

I called my mom and would tell my husband about the days lesson and what I learned. I had my lists of things I want to let go of and or deal with and I was trying to take in all this amazing information at once.

Everyday a lightbulb will go off. Sometimes not while taking notes sometimes it wouldn’t hit me until later that night.

Towards the end of my free trial I was slowly feeling really good. Still a little anxious but it was reduced drastically in just the first two lessons.

I actually see a post on Facebook from my dad’s wife saying that dad is in the hospital. My dad and my childhood do have a lot to do with my anxiety and here I am just now exploring it all. Trying to make sense of it all. Trying to “let go” which of course isn’t as easy as it sounds. So when I am a little unsure what to do. I respond to her something nice. She responds with a comment that hurts me. Usually I would keep quiet not make a fuss and beat myself up all night over the ordeal.

But not this time.

I had all these tools and information and I was feeling so great I refused to take 3 steps back. So I stop.. and take a look at the whole situation and I mustered up enough courage to write to her telling her my thoughts and feelings thinking maybe she wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt me and sure enough she wrote me back apologizing and we worked out a 11yr old feud we had going all because of the triad tools I had.

I stopped, looked at the bigger picture “from 40ft above” and I DEALT with something in the moment!

I knew I had the choice to deal or let go and since I was unsure if I could truely let it go I dealt with it. After only a few days my mom and husband have commented on how amazing my transformation has really been. The way I deal with things are so much more different and I’m slowly finding my own self worth.

I have already been spreading the news.

I feel like I have the secret and it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I tell others I know with anxiety that Triad has seriously saved me. I have a long ways to go but I see a light. It’s not easy and requires some work but you are SO worth it.

End the war in your brain. You don’t have to fight with yourself to finally feel “normal” again. You can really just start over and learn to love who you are and you have the CHOICE to be who you want to be. It’s never too late.

Just try the free trial and see what happens.”

– April Taylor, Guyton, GA

A valuable resource with lots of practical advice

“The Calm Clinic was set up by Ryan Rivera who has gone on to create a free resource for those interested in overcoming and managing anxiety.

We are happy to recommend you to this site because the content is sound, well researched and is written and produced by psychologists as well as past and present sufferers who are able to share their personal experience with those who continue to be challenged by anxiety.

We think you’ll find this a valuable resource with lots of practical advice, articles and suggestions.”

The Reach Approach



The number one thing may be little to some people but now I am able to look people in the face and be myself. It’s the most amazing feeling ever. It feels like a weight has been lifted from my whole body I like going places now it’s just really amazing

I would say for sure you have nothing to lose and a whole new look at the world to gain you really don’t have to live with anxiety anymore so if you’re really ready to change your life and the way you live and look at the world then this is the best way to start that journey. Trust Me.

– Marie Montero; Harrisburg, PA

“Kind of like Christmas morning for my mind!”

“Doing yet another search for answers on-line, I found the ad for Calm Clinic. It sounded too good to be true, but the ‘free trial’ offer appealed to me. I figured it would give me a chance to see if it was just another psycho-babble, I’m OK, You’re OK program.

I also decided that, if it looked good, the price was a great deal. I’ve spent a lot more than that on counseling, medication, self-help books. I have to admit though, being on a limited income, if the price had been a lot more, I might have declined and told myself it would probably be a failure like so many other things I had tried.

Also, if it had required me to attend any seminars, classes etc. I wouldn’t have done it. It would have been just one more thing to put me in a stressful situation.

I have only gone as far as Module 2 so far, but I am so impressed. For the first time, I feel there is hope that I can, as the Army says, “Be all that I can be.”

I have filled page after page with notes and have already gained insights I didn’t know were there, as I do the exercises. I make a little sketch of a light bulb next to those sentences!

I want to, and have done so, tell so many people I know about the techniques and “Ah Hah!” moments.

The anchor technique I am using now, is to change my focus when I start thinking that I can\’t do something because I ‘might’ have an episode.

I now focus on why I want to do this activity and how I can do it even if I do have an episode. How the real benefits will far outweigh imaginary fears. I am so excited about continuing with my studies and seeing what’s around the next corner.

Kind of like Christmas morning for my mind!

I can’t imagine any reason for anyone to not try this program. Even if you think you’ve learned to live with your symptoms, so why try something that might not work, you cannot help but be improved and enlightened by this approach.

And guess what, it will make a difference. The change this will create in your attitude, perception and hope, cannot help but improve all areas of your life. It’s rather like getting a vaccine (without the discomfort!)… You don’t have to understand exactly how it works. You just have to know, from the experience of others, that it does!”

– Antoinette Berthelotte; Mountain Center, CA